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What's New in Silhouette V6

There have been many scripting enhancements in V6. The biggest change was to the rendering loop, which is now implemented entirely in Python. Now that a Session can have multiple output nodes, as well as multiple Paint and Roto nodes, many Actions were updated to support the new workflow.


  • there can be multiple nodes of each time in a Session, including Roto, Paint, and Output
  • the rendering loop is implemented in scripts/tools/renderer.py
  • rendering is triggered with scripts/actions/render.py
  • bundled actions that target specific nodes are updated to handle a connected Output node
  • shape path data now contains per-point feathering information

New Scripting Features

  • nodes can be created, added, and removed from a Session
  • nodes can be connected and disconnected
  • new hooks: attach_pipe, remove_pipe, triggered when nodes are wired up or disconnected
  • new hook: object_created, triggered when a new Node, Shape, Layer, or Tracker is created in the UI
  • user-defined properties can be added and removed from Objects
  • multi-part output format API
  • new hook: output_node, triggered for each part of an output node
  • drop hooks: hooks can be called when a registered mime type is dropped in the new Trees view