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The View is a global object used to interact with the viewer and tools.


Name Description
angle The current display angle, when rotate mode is enabled.
blend The current blend amount, for blending between views in supported nodes.
channelMask The current channel mask, as a Color.
colorSpace The current OCIO display colorspace name.
device The current OCIO display device name.
exposure The current display exposure value.
gamma The current display gamma value.
hand True if viewer rotate angle edit mode is enabled.
lut The current OCIO display LUT name, or None.
magnify True if the magnifier is enabled.
maskEnabled True if the frame mask is enabled.
node The active edit Node. Setting this will change the Node being edited.
overlay True if the overlay is enabled.
rotate True if viewer rotate mode is enabled.
stabilize True if stabilization is enabled.
stereo True if the current Node generates or passes stereo data.
stereoAlign True if in stereo alignment mode
streamMask The current Stream Mask (read-only), indicating which streams the current Node generates or passes (ie. the available streams).
streamMode The current Stream Mode. Check the streamMask attribute to determine the available streams.
toolName The current tool name.
updateMode The current update mode (0=Drag, 1=Adaptive, 2=Release, 3=Manual)
viewMode The current view mode (the number of available view modes depends on the current edit Node)
viewNode The current viewing Node. Note the view node can be different than the edit node.
xform The current OCIO display transform name.
zoom The current zoom level (1=1:1, -1=zoom-to-fit)
zoomFactor The current 'zoom factor' preference value.


Name Description
autoAlign(y_axis=False) If there is an active Layer, perform an auto-alignment and the current cursor position.
centerSelection() Center the viewer on the current selection.
enableNode(node_type, state) Enable or disable the Node with the given type.
nodeAvailable(node_type) True if the Node of type is in the current Session.
nodeEnabled(node_type) True if the Node of type is enabled.
queryTool(state) Query the current tool state. See Tool Commands for more information.
selectTool(name) Switch to the tool with the name, if exposed by the current edit Node.
setChannelMask(color) Set the channel mask to the Color. Same as assigning to the channelMask attribute.
setControlBind(controlName, key) Bind the key to the control with the given name.
setMagnify(state) Enable the magnifier if True. Same as assigning to the magnify attribute.
setMask(mask) Set and display the view mask with the given name.
setOverlay(state) Enable the overlay if True. Same as assigning to the overlay attribute.
setStabilize(state) Enable viewer stabilization if True. Same as assigning to the stabilize attribute.
setToolBind(toolName, key) Bind the key to the tool with the given name.
setUpdateMode(mode) Set the update mode. Same as assigning to the updateMode attribute.
setViewMode(mode) Set the view mode. Same as assigning to the viewMode attribute.
setZoom(zoom) Set the zoom level. Same as assigning to the zoom attribute.
toolCommand(command, modifier=False) Send the command to the current tool. See Tool Commands for more information.