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|A 2D integer rectangle
|A 2D integer rectangle
|A rendering object

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The fx Module

All of Silhouette's built-in functions are defined in the fx module. The easiest way to make use of the module is to use the Python statement from fx import *. When using the interactive console, the fx module is imported automatically.


These attributes are read-only.

Name Description Added
actions The List of Actions
globals A Dictionary to place runtime-only global values 5.2
gui True if running in the GUI, False from the command-line
hooks The List of Hooks
io_modules The List of IO Handlers
paint The global Paint object
player The global Player object
prefs The Preferences map
sfxcmd The path to the command-line rendering utility 5.1
version The Silhouette version as a float (major.minor)
viewer The global Viewer object.
contentResolvers the list of registered Content Resolvers 7.0
ui UI binding object for PySide 7.0


Name Description Added
action(name) Returns the Action with the given name
activeLayer() Return the active Layer, or None
activeNode() Return the active Node, or None
activeProject() Return the active Project, or None
activeSession() Return the active Session, or None
addAction(action) Add a new Action to the action list
askQuestion(text, title=None, okText='OK', cancelText='Cancel') Display a Question Dialog and return True if the 'ok' button is pressed.
beginUndo(label) Begin an undo block. Must be followed up with endUndo().
bind(key, function) Bind the key to a function.
buildPath(path) Parse and return a path with automatic variable expansion
cut(objects) Cut the objects into the Clipboard (same as Edit->Cut)
copy(objects) Copy the objects into the Clipboard (same as Edit->Copy)
delete(objects) Delete the objects (same as Edit->Delete)
displayError(msg, title=None) Display an Error Dialog
displayInformation(msg, title=None) Display an Information Dialog
displayWarning(msg, title=None) Display a Warning Dialog
endUndo() End an undo block.
getBind(key) Return the function or control name the key is bound to, or None.
getInput(...) Open an input dialog with support for various input widgets (see InputDialog)
getLog() Return the complete text of the log.
log(text) Add text to the log.
mediaFormats() Return the List of installed Media Format names.
select(objects) Select the object List.
selection() Return the selection List.
setActiveLayer(layer) Sets the active Layer, or None.
showView(view, visible=True) Shows (or hides) the view by name
status(text) Display the text in the status bar.
unbind(key) Unbind the key from its function.
uniqueLabel(label) Returns a project-wide unique version of the label, appending a number if necessary.
viewVisible(view) Returns True if view is visible.
setWorkspace(name) sets the current workspace with the one identified by name. 6.0
activate(object) activates the specified object, which can be a Node, Session, Source, or Project 7.0
addContentResolver(resolver) add a new Content Resolver to the list of resolvers 7.0
resolvePath(path, args=None) uses the Content Resolver System to resolve the path 7.0


Blend Mode

Name Description
Blend_Add Add blend mode
Blend_Subtract Subtract blend mode
Blend_Multiply Multiply blend mode
Blend_XOR XOR blend mode

Blur Mode

Name Description
Blur_Centered Normal blur centered on the edge
Blur_Inner Blur on the inside of the edge
Blur_Outer Blur on the outside of the edge


Name Description
Depth_Default The preferred depth (based on the Session depth)
Depth_8 8 bits per component
Depth_Float16 16 bit half-float per component
Depth_Float32 32 bit float per component


Name Description
ShiftModifier Modifier flag for the Shift key
ControlModifier Modifier flag for the Control key
AltModifier Modifier flag for the Alt key


Name Description
Stream_Left Stream index for the Left view
Stream_Right Stream index for the Right view
Stream_Depth Stream index for the Depth view

Stream Mask

Name Description
StreamMask_Left Stream mask for the Left view
StreamMask_Right Stream mask for the Right view
StreamMask_Depth Stream mask for the Depth view

fx Objects

Name Description Added
Action Base class for Actions
Color An RGBA color
Content Resolver A content resolver 7.0
Item A project item
IOHandler A data I/O handler
Layer A layer
Matrix A 4x4 Matrix
MediaFormat Information about a media I/O module
MultiViewObject Base class of objects that can exist on specific streams
Node A node
Object Base class for all object-model objects
Pipe A pipe, used to connect Nodes together
Point3D A 3D point
Port A port, used to bind Pipes to Properties
Preferences The preferences object
Project A project, a container of Items
Property A property/parameter
Raster A image buffer 6.0
Rect A 2D floating-point rectangle
Recti A 2D integer rectangle 5.2
RenderDialog A rendering dialog
Session A session, containing Nodes
Shape A shape
ShapeEditor A shape editor 7.0
ShapePath A shape path (one key of shape data)
Source A file source
StereoscopicObject Base class of objects that can have stereoscopic links between the left and right streams of a stereoscopic sequence
Tracker A point tracker