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|deletes the point at <tt>index<tt>
|deletes the point at <tt>index</tt>

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A ShapePath represents one key of spline data for a shape.


Read-only unless otherwise noted.

Name Description
bounds the bounding box
clockwise True if clock-wise
closed True if closed (read/write)
flags a List of Integers representing the flags for each control point
numPoints the number of control points
points a List of tuples containing the control point information. The format of the tuples is dependent on the shape type.

Bezier - (in_tangent, control_point, out_tangent)
Bspline - (control_point, repeat, weight)
Xspline - (control_point, weight)

range a Tuple (start, end) with the t-value range for this shape type
type the Shape Type


Name Description Added
clone() returns a copy of the path
evalDerivative(t) evaluate the derivative at t
interpolate(path, t) generate and return a new ShapePath by interpolating with path using t
selected(index) True if the control point at index is selected
transform(Matrix, selected=False) transform all (or just the selected) points by the Matrix
insertPoint(t) inserts a new control point at t 6.0
deletePoint(index) deletes the point at index 6.0
evalNormal(t) returns the normal at t 6.0
evalPoint(t) returns the point information at t 6.0


Control Point Flags

Name Description
Flag_Selected The control point is selected
Flag_Tagged The control point is tagged

Shape Type No Feather Per-point Feather
Closed Bezier (in_tangent, point, out_tangent) (in_tangent, point, out_tangent, feather_point, feather_in_tangent, feather_out_tangent)
Open Bezier (in_tangent, point, out_tangent) (in_tangent, point, out_tangent, stroke_width, feather_width)
Closed Bspline (point, repeat, weight) (point, repeat, weight, feather_point, feather_weight)
Open Bspline (point, repeat, weight) (point, repeat, weight, width, feather_width)
Closed Xspline (point, weight) (point, weight, feather_point, feather_weight)
Open Xspline (point, weight) (point, weight, width, feather_width)