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|the ''t-value'' range for this shape type
|a Tuple (start, end) with the ''t-value'' range for this shape type

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A ShapePath represents one key of spline data for a shape.


Read-only unless otherwise noted.

Name Description
bounds the bounding box
clockwise True if clock-wise
closed True if closed (read/write)
flags a List of Integers representing the flags for each control point
numPoints the number of control points
points a List of tuples containing the control point information
range a Tuple (start, end) with the t-value range for this shape type
type the Shape Type


Name Description
__init__(label, menu=None, type=Action, extension=None) Constructor - Initializes the base class. The menu can be listed separately or prefixed to the label with the '|' character.
available() Should return True (the default) if the Action is available. The Action should examine the current state in this method and assert (with an optional error message) that conditions are good for execution.
execute(path=None) Called to execute the Action. UI Actions should be undoable. Importer/Exporter actions are passed the path to the file to operate on.


Control Point Flags

Name Description
Flag_Selected The control point is selected
Flag_Tagged The control point is tagged