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The ShapeEditor object can be used to manipulate shape control points on specific keys or over a range of keys.


editor = ShapeEditor(shape, frame=0.0)


Name Description
makeKey(frame) Makes a new key on the specified frame
deletePoints(selected=False, index=-1) If selected is True, deletes the selected control points, otherwise deletes the point at index if >= 0
addPoints(index, count=1) Adds count points to the shape, starting at index. The points will be a copy of the point at index and should be updated immediately
copyPoints(src_shape, src_index, target_index, count) Copies the points in the range (src_index, src_index + count) from the source shape into the range (target_index, target_index + count) in the edited shape
execute() Executes the edits and registers them with the undo system. This should be called after any other editing operations are performed.