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The Session object stores all the Nodes to create the outputs for a specific shot.

Base Class: Object


session = Session(label=None, width=None, height=None, pixelAspect=None, depth=None, duration=None, frameRate=None)

If any arguments are omitted they should be set using the respective Property.

Sessions can be created automatically from a Source using the tools.session.SessionBuilder class.

Add the Session to a Project using project.addItem().


Attributes are read-only except where noted.

Name Description Added
depth the session depth (read/write)
duration the duration in frames
frameRate the frame rate
nodes List of Nodes in the session
pixelAspect the pixel aspect
project the Project containing the session
renderInfo the rendering settings
size the size as a Tuple of (width, height)
startFrame the start frame number
workRange the current work range as a Tuple of (start_frame, end_frame) (read/write)
displayWindow returns the session frame as a Recti 6.0
outputs a list of all output nodes 6.0
outputRange the output range as a tuple (start, end) - the range is in output frame numbers 6.0
renderRange the render range as a tuple (start, end) - the range is in 0-based frame numbers 6.0


Name Description Added
node(name|type) finds the Node with the name or type, depending on the argument name, or None
getNodes(type) returns a list of Nodes that match the given type 6.0
addNode(node) adds the Node 6.0
removeNode(node) removes the Node 6.0
roi(frame) returns the ROI Recti for the frame 6.0