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|the [[Project]] containing the session
|the [[Project]] containing the session
|the [[RenderInfo|rendering settings]]

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The Session object stores all the Nodes to create the outputs for a specific shot.

Base Class: Object


session = Session(label=None, width=None, height=None, pixelAspect=None, depth=None, duration=None, frameRate=None)

If any arguments are omitted they should be set using the respective Property.

Sessions can be created automatically from a Source using the tools.session.SessionBuilder class.

Add the Session to a Project using project.addItem().


Attributes are read-only except where noted.

Name Description Added
depth the session depth (read/write)
duration the duration in frames
frameRate the frame rate
nodes List of Nodes in the session
pixelAspect the pixel aspect
project the Project containing the session
size the size as a Tuple of (width, height)
startFrame the start frame number
workRange the current work range as a Tuple of (start_frame, end_frame) (read/write)
displayWindow returns the session frame as a Recti 6.0
outputs a list of all output nodes 6.0
outputRange the output range as a tuple (start, end) - the range is in output frame numbers 6.0
renderRange the render range as a tuple (start, end) - the range is in 0-based frame numbers 6.0


Name Description Added
node(name|type) finds the Node with the name or type, depending on the argument name, or None
getNodes(type) returns a list of Nodes that match the given type 6.0
addNode(node) adds the Node 6.0
removeNode(node) removes the Node 6.0
roi(frame) returns the ROI Recti for the frame 6.0