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The RenderInfo object contains all of the settings needed for rendering with the Renderer. Each Session has its own RenderInfo object.


Name Description
combinedStereo True if the stereo pair should be combined into one file (OpenEXR only)
depth True if the depth channel should be output
directory The directory the output files should go into
externalAlpha True if the alpha should be output to a separate file from the color channels
fieldDominance the Field Dominance
fieldHandling the Field Mode
file the output file base name
format the output file format name
formatOptions a Dictionary of format-specific options
frameSet a List of all of the frames that will be rendered. When assigned, must be a list of one or more floats, integers, or tuples of (start, duration=1, step=1). For example, to render frames 1, 10, and 20-29, use [1, 10, (20,10)]
motionBlur True if motion-blur is enabled
output the Output Mask
padding the output frame number padding width (default=4)
prefix The prefix string between the base filename and the frame number
premultiply True if the color channels should be premultiplied
range a tuple of (start_frame, end_frame)
slapComp True to composite the alpha over the color channels
slapCompColor the Color to use when compositing the slap-comp (use the alpha component for blending)
startFrame the output start frame; frame numbering will begin at this number
step the global frame step factor
scale the image scaling factor to use before saving
view the View to output
viewDominance the view dominance; must be View_Left or View_Right (OpenEXR only)


Output Mask Constants[edit]

Name Description
OutputMask_Color Output RGB channels
OutputMask_Alpha Output Alpha channel
OutputMask_Paint Output Painted data
OutputMask_Depth Output Depth channel

View Constants[edit]

Name Description
View_Both Output both left/right views
View_Left Output only the left view
View_Right Output only the right view

Field Mode Constants[edit]

Name Description
Fields_None Do not interlace
Fields_Interlaced Interlace normally, obeying the field dominance setting
Fields_AA Interlace with 3:2 pulldown (AA)
Fields_BB Interlace with 3:2 pulldown (BB)
Fields_BC Interlace with 3:2 pulldown (BC)
Fields_CD Interlace with 3:2 pulldown (CD)
Fields_DD Interlace with 3:2 pulldown (DD)

Field Dominance Constants[edit]

Name Description
Dominance_Event Even dominance (first field on top)
Dominance_Odd Odd dominance (second field on top)