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! scope="col" class="unsortable" | Description
! scope="col" class="unsortable" | Description
|__init__(label, menu=None, type=Action, extension=None)
|Constructor - Initializes the base class. The menu can be listed separately or prefixed to the label with the '<nowiki>|</nowiki>' character.
|Adds the List of [[Object|objects]] to the child list if the property is an ObjectList

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A Property is a single constant or animated parameter. Silhouette supports many types of properties.

Property Types

Silhouette Property Types
Type Description Data-type Animated
Boolean On/Off check-box Bool
Color RGBA color picker Color
Flags A bit-mask with multiple check boxes Integer
Join An object link Object
List List of predefined options Integer
Matrix A transform matrix Matrix
Number A slider or spin-box with with min/max range Integer or Float
Objects An object list List of Object
Path A shape spline path ShapePath
Point X/Y point Point3D
Source A data source Source
StreamRef A Stream reference Integer
String A UTF-8 string String


Read-only unless otherwise noted.

Name Description
constant True if animation is turned off (read/write)
hidden True if hidden in the UI
keyframable True if can be animated
keys List of keyframe times if keyframeable, None otherwise (can be empty if animation is disabled for this property)
name property name/id
numKeys the number if key-frames (always 0 if not keyframeable, can be non-zero even if constant)
numObjects the number of child objects if property is an object container
range Tuple (first, last) of key times, or None if no keys
selected True if selected
type property type name
writable True if property is saved to project file (False for transient properties)


Name Description
addObjects(objects) Adds the List of objects to the child list if the property is an ObjectList
available() Should return True (the default) if the Action is available. The Action should examine the current state in this method and assert (with an optional error message) that conditions are good for execution.
execute(path=None) Called to execute the Action. UI Actions should be undoable. Importer/Exporter actions are passed the path to the file to operate on.


Interpolation Type

Name Description
Hold holds value until next key
Linear linear interpolation to next key
EaseIn ease in to next key
EaseOut ease out to next key
EaseInOut ease out from this key and in to next key