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The Preferences object (accessed through the fx.prefs attribute) provides access to the Silhouette preferences map.

Preferences are accessed using the map key syntax, where pref_id is a string:

# query a preference value
value = fx.prefs[pref_id]
# set a preference value
fx.prefs[pref_id] = value

Scripts can add new preferences to the system and get notified when the preference is changed.


Name Description
add(id, value, min=None, max=None, hidden=False, items=None) Add a preference with the specified id and default value. If the value is of type Integer or Float, min and max can be specified to define a supported range. In this case, the preference will be displayed as a slider. If value is of type Integer and items points to a list of strings, the preference will be displayed as a list popup. The preference can be hidden from the Preferences dialog by setting hidden=True. Supported values are Bool, Int, Float, and String.
addHandler(id, function) Adds a new preference handler for the preference with the specified id. When the preference is changed, the function will be called, with no arguments.
keys() Returns a List of all of the registered preference ids/keys.