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A Port is an input or output of a Node. Ports are connected to Pipes to hook nodes together. Ports are bound to image Properties.


Name Description Added
node The port's Node
pipes The List of Pipes connected to this port.
property The Property this port is bound to.
connected True if the port has any connected Pipes 6.0
name the name of the Property associated with this port 6.0
source the source port if this port is connected to an output port, or None 6.0
targets if this port is an output port, a list of input ports this is connected to, or None 6.0
hidden True if the port is hidden 6.0
is_input True if this is an input port 6.0
is_output True if this is an output port 6.0
is_aux True if this is an auxillary port 6.0
is_matte True if this is a Node's "obey matte" input 6.0


Name Description Added
canConnect(target) returns True if this Port can be connected to the target Port 6.0
connect(target) connects the Port to target and returns a new Pipe 6.0
disconnect(pipe) disconnects the Pipe (also disconnects from the port at the other end) 6.0