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The Player is a global object used to control playback, usually using key-binds.


Name Description
frame The current frame number (zero-based). Assigning to this attribute results in an instantaneous jump to the specified frame; the same as calling player.setFrame(frame).
playing True if the Player is playing (read-only).


Name Description
gotoEnd() Jumps to the work range end frame.
gotoHome() Jumps to the work range start frame.
gotoNextEdit() Jump to the next key-frame in the selection.
gotoPrevEdit() Jump to the previous key-frame in the selection.
play(step=1) Begins playback with the desired step. step can be negative, to play backward.
setFrame(frame) Sets the current (zero-based) frame.
stepBackward() Moves to the previous frame.
stepForward() Moves to the next frame.
stop() Stop playback.