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The Object is the common base class for all of Silhouette's primary data objects. All objects have a unique id, user-editable label, and contain Properties.

# print the list of property names for the first selected object
object = fx.selection()[0]
print object.properties.keys()


Attributes are read-only except where noted.

Name Description
children List of child objects or None
color the object Color - not all objects have a way of changing their color (read/write)
id the unique id as string
label the object label (read/write)
locked True if locked (read/write)
note the object note (read/write)
parent the parent Object, or None
properties the dictionary of Properties
selected True if selected
type the object type name
visible True if visible (read/write)


Name Description
property(name) returns the Property with the property name, or None
clone() returns a deep clone of the object and children
getTransform(frame) returns the accumulated transform at the specified time. This is a convenience method only useful for Layers and their children.