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Welcome to the Silhouette Integration and Customization Guide. This is the central repository for information on extending, customizing, and integrating Silhouette.

What's New

See the What's New page for more information.

Silhouette Scripting Guide

Use the Scripting Guide for information on changing key-binds, writing Actions, and general scripting information. Use the Silhouette Module Reference for an overview of the fx module and the Silhouette object model.

Silhouette Environment Variables

Use the Environment Variables to help customize and integrate Silhouette with your facility's workflow.

Silhouette SDK

The Silhouette SDK can be used to write image, shape, and tracker I/O modules in C++. To request the SDK, file a support ticket.

VFX Reference Platform

Silhouette 2021 conforms to CY2020